The Charta (Map) of Hellas

Embroidery by Volos Lyceum Club of Greek Women (1.93 x 2.01m)


Embroidered reproduction of the Charta of Greece, the monumental map published in 1796/1797 in Vienna by Rigas Velestinlis (Velestino 1757- Belgrade 1798), one of the most prominent figures of Modern Hellenism. The Charta constitutes an unprecedented, for the times, publishing venture and an inspired work which reflects the magnitude and radiance of the ancient and modern Hellenism.

The embroidery consists of twelve  loose leaves, embroidered by twelve needle-women in fine traditional stitches (backstitches, byzantine like, Attica’s free, chainlike, marguerite  like) which proved suitable for the  depiction of details.

The Charta forms a panorama of  Hellenism, reflecting the expectations of its creator for the Revolution and containing infinite symbols. It represents the Greek region and the Balkan peninsula south of the Danube. It contains cityscapes of ancient cities, a  plan of an ancient theatre, a list of wise and sovereign figures, coins with comments on their origin, mythical-symbolic scenes and many other interesting data.

The work of art was crafted, after a proposal made by Aikaterini Polymerou-Kamilaki,  by the embroidery department of the Traditional Workshops of the Volos Lyceum  Club of Greek Women under the auspices  of the Commission «Greece 2021»

The Charta Embroiderers
Georgia Aspropoulou, Sophia Goria, Aspa Eglezou, Anna Niperiotou, Stella Bakali, Maritsa Moucha, Virginia Palioura,
Rania Papakonstantinou, Leonitsa Parisi,  Maria Tziafeta, Aristea Tziortziou, Vasiliki Traki

Coordination: Maria Spanou

Museum of Folk Art & Tradition
Angeliki Hatzimihali

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