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Handiworks by the Collective Embroidery Company

325 works by 162 embroiderers

The Collective Embroidery Company was created with the initiative of Claude Mamali and with the help of social media, through which women from all parts of Greece and abroad created embroideries inspired by historical events and people of Greek history.

Each woman with her own eye and aesthetics transformed historical images into embroidered surfaces,using mainly the technique of crossstitching. They share their experiences in this journey through the timeless course of Hellenism, giving a lesson of collectivity and love, which is so much needed by modern society.
From the myth of Philomela and Prokni, to the Caryatids and Digenes, the Hymn to Liberty to Cavafy and Kiki Dimoula. A type of Greece rooted in myth, spreading to the ends of the earth and pulsating creatively to this day.

The artisans of the Collective Embroidery Company with the help of the internet demonstrate in this floor that modern technology can enhance creative collectivity and communication, by creating new fields through which technical expertise is exchanged, applications, collaboration tools and innovative technologies are developed.

Museum of Folk Art & Tradition
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