Hymn to Liberty

Children’s attire crafted by Sophia Mela

Embroidered score of the second composition of the first two stanzas of the “Hymn to Freedom” by Dionysios Solomos. 

  • The vest is made of silk (soie sauvage) with mother of pearl buttons (reminiscent those of the fighters) and the back is decorated with hand embroidery
  • (with embroidery stitches: “riza” and “kobovelonia”). The design on the back of the vest is a dove with open wings (symbol of freedom), on the body of which a pentagram is embroidered with the musical notes and the last verse of the second stanza ‘HAIL, LIBERTY! HAIL!’
  • The blouse is made of silk fabric (Crêpe De Chine) and is embroidered by hand with cotton DMC threads and (with embroidery stitches: “riza”, silk stitch, “kobovelonia”). The blossoming laurel twig (embroidered in the front) as well as the blossoms and the laurel leaf blown by the wind symbolize the heroes’ coronation while giving a message of optimism.
  • Costume inspired by the traditional uniform of Corfu. The skirt is made out of silk, the skirt’s apron has been embroidered with silk threads on silk tulle keeping the geometric designs of the Lefkimmi apron.

    The inspiration for the creation of the two children’s costumes came from two exhibitions that took place in 2021 at the Benaki Museum for the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution (“1821 before and after”, “1821, the celebration” by Christos Bokoros).

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