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177 Greek Women work together to weave with needle and thread, personalities & events of the Greek History.

Embroidery, from its simplest to its most complex form, is considered Art, since it is embellished on a utilitarian object, a sacred dedication, a garment or a household item, and it decorates it beyond any functionality. Its decorative, often symbolic, character follows the same rules of a technique, with simple and more complex stitches, which are refined according to the inspiration and skill of each artisan.

200 years after the Greek Revolution and the creation of the Greek state, women from all over the country, picking up threads and needles, are rediscovering the rich tradition in embroidery, fromCirce and Penelope, to Philomela and Prokni,
the embroideries  that adorn many great museums of the world.
They are inspired by the timeless course of Hellenism and choose, according to their own criteria, the people and events that stood out.

Handiworks of the 
Collective Embroidery Company

The Charta (Map) of Hellas 
or the Charta of Rigas Velestinlis in embroidery

Maria Galanaki crafts 
the abduction of Europe

Sophia Mela crafts
the Hymn to Liberty

Melissanthi Spei
experiments with threads

Concept- – Initiative – General Curation Dr Ekaterini Polymerou Kamilaki

Scientific Comittee: Dr Katerina Koskina – Stavroula Pisimisi – Evangelia Kantartzi 

Organized by: the School Life and Education Museum, the Culture, Sports and Youth Organization of the City of Athensof Athens
and the Cultural Office of the Mayor of Athens

Coordination & Production: PostScriptum

Presentation’s Curation: Melissanthi Spei
Architecture Consultant: Galatia Patsouri
Visual Design: Akrivi Berdebe 
Constructions/Prints: Clevermedia
Digital Media: Phoebe Konstantinidi 
Artwork Digitization: Dimitris Athanasiadis
Videographer: Ιnes Perot
Soundscapes: Agapi Zita

Organised by

Funded by

Museum of Folk Art & Tradition
Angeliki Hatzimihali

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