With Colours and Threads

Playful installation by Melissanthi Spei

Don’t stay mere spectators!
Come into direct contact with the colours and threads which adorn the embroideries in this exhibition. Our hands are valuable tools and by using our senses we come in direct contact with embroidery materials, threads and needles which help to enjoy the sense of creativity and the connection of the old with the new, the intimacy with archetypal materials and techniques rooted in mythology.

The ‘PETALOUDA THREADS S.A.’ (Butterfly), to all of us known as the threads with the characteristic symbol, invite all ages to a game of searching of colours and textures.

Museum of Folk Art & Tradition
Angeliki Hatzimihali

Visitation Hours:
Tuesday – Friday:
11am – 4pm
Saturday-Sunday: 10am – 3pm
Monday: closed